The first race will be at GMP March
14th. Hope you can join us for the start
of these races.

The dates are
March 21 GMP
May 9 (Collins) Sunset Speedway
June 6 Hattiesburg Speedway car track
June 27 Hattiesburg Speedway car track
August 1 GMP
August 29 (Collins) Sunset Speedway

Prayers for the Parker & Baker Families

Last Saturday after the race Ronald Lee & Missy Parker and William Baker were in a
terrible accident.. Ronald Lee & William both have a concussion, bruises, cuts and
scraps. They are going to be sore for awhile. Missy & William took the brunt force of the
wreck, and Missy was thrown from the suburban. Missy has a broken pelvic bone, broken
shoulder, a liver laceration, and will have to undergo more surgery, plus at least 30 days in
a wheel chair, and lots of physical therapy.. All 3 of them need our love and support.

If you have any question or need/want to find out any information please contact Amy
228-238-2125. Please DO NOT try to Contact Ronald or Missy.. They
need to focus on getting better.

Please keep them in your prayers.. I will post more information as I can.

The Upcoming Race at GMP has been Postponed..
With Melissa still in the hospital we feel like it
would be best to cancel for now so that we can
focus on getting her better and home.

We will reschedule the race once she is out of the hospital and
have a chance to look at all the schedules.

Also If you are not on our facebook page and haven't been updated..
The track is NOT closing, we are just focusing on Melissa
right now and as soon as we get her out of the hospital
we (the track workers) will do everything we can to help
Ronald and Melissa put on the races that we have scheduled..
Thank you and Keep those Prayers Coming..